Tank Services:



Do you have a tank problem? We have the solution! We take care of all types of Tank Removals, Inspections, Replacements, Testing, Installation, Upgrades, and Repairs in MD, DC, DE, VA

AEEG, LLC has the training, technology, tools, and team (plus all necessary certification and licenses) to handle all projects involving underground (UST) and/or aboveground (AST) storage tanks. AEEG, LLC provides removal and abandonment services and works closely with subcontractors who can also provide upgrades, repairs, testing, and installation services for tanks and piping. This would also include the inspection and repairs to meet local, state and federal codes.

We offer complete tank management services including:

  • Tank removal
  • Closure-in-place (abandoned tanks)
  • Closure of leaking USTs
  • Tank installation
  • Tank repairs and retrofitting
  • Tank system upgrades
  • Tanks feeding Emergency Generators
  • Belly Tanks
  • Standalone Tanks
  • Compliance, engineering, and third-party inspections
  • Precision/sump testing
  • Automatic tank gauge (ATG) testing

AEEG, LLC serves many industries with tank closure services including industrial (petroleum and/or chemical storage facilities, chemical manufacturing plants, terminals, refineries), residential, commercial, government, medical, and marine. AEEG, LLC has the trained personnel to oversee the entire project; from designing the removal and cleaning methodology to the ultimate disposal/recycling of any waste generated through the cleaning.

In addition, AEEG, LLC can also provide services in the unfortunate event that a release either from a leaking tank or spills/overfills is discovered. From removal of source materials to the design of remediation systems, including advancement of soil borings and/or installation of monitoring wells and addressing vapor concerns, we can do it all.

Storage Tank Inspection, Removal, Replacement Services MD, DC, DE, VA Removal of old Underground Storage Tank (UST)

Commercial Industrial Tank Inspection, Removal, Replacement Services Tank Inspection, Removal, Replacement Commerical and Industrial Tank Services MD, DC, DE, VA

Leaking Residential Oil Tanks MD, DC, DE, VA Home Heating Oil Tank Inspection, Removal, Replacement Services MD, DC, DE, VA