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We work with our clients to assist with the proper handling and disposal of a variety of regulated hazardous and non-hazardous compounds including: industrial wastes, flammables, corrosives, toxics, oils, heavy metals, re-actives, peroxide formers, lead paint, mercury, asbestos-containing materials, PCB's, fluorescent light and ballasts, and lead-acid batteries. AEEG, LLC implements project goals by working to meet and exceed client expectations in the following ways:

Project Management – Provide superior consulting to present the scientific data in a way to fit the regulatory environment and client goals, while continuing to be protective and respectful of the community, human health and the environment. All the while remaining fiscally responsible.

Data Collection - Work in an efficient and professional manner to collect the necessary data using defendable methods. Review and present the data in an easily understood format using established QA/QC methods. Analyze and report the findings in a manner that balances project goals with regulatory requirements.

Communication - Consistently and effectively communicate the project timeline, on-site events and activities, specified work plans or tasks and any and all challenges that develop throughout the process with the client.

Experience – Personnel have completed numerous contracting, environmental compliance, engineering, investigation and remediation projects.