Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)

Property condition assessments residential and commercial in MD, DC, DE, VA Property condition assessments commercial in MD, DC, DE, VA

Property condition assessments (PCAs) are due diligence projects associated with commercial real estate. Commercial property and building inspections are important for clients seeking to know the condition of a property or real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, financing or simply maintaining. Commercial building inspectors generally follow industry accepted guidelines of ASTM E2018, the only recognized standard of major lenders. These commercial inspection standards help both the commercial building inspector and the client to understand the scope agreed to for the inspection, including the systems or areas to be inspected, and is used as a guide to develop said scopes and procedures. Often PCAs are done as part of a property transfer and are done along with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

The staff at AEEG, LLC has been conducting property condition assessments for over five years to assess the property in order to understand the condition of the building. A Property Condition Report is generated discussing each building system and its condition.