environmental project management and oversight services

Environmental Consultant Services MD, DC, DE, VA

Why Us?

AEEG, LLC has a sterling reputation for managing with efficiency, effectiveness and due diligence no matter what the size of the project.

Our experience with environmental consulting operations, estimating, job costing, cleanup costs, knowledge of industry standard practices, regulations, and pricing makes us an excellent objective third party management and oversight option. Having us provide the project management and oversight is a great way to ensure that specific aspects of your project are being completed properly and on time. We can guide you through the assessment, investigation, and remediation process, as well as assist in choosing both the strategies and contractors needed to get the job done in an unbiased fashion with all stakeholders' goals in mind. By employing the project management and oversight services offered by Adams Environmental Engineering Group, you can save time and money through preventative measures as opposed to being surprised and having to pay for cleanup and potential fines. To help minimize risk and ensure your project is done right the first time, call Adams Environmental Engineering Group.