Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Testing

Automatic Tank Guage (ATG) Testing

An automatic tank gauge (ATG) is an electronic device, whose basic function is to monitor the fuel level in the tank over a period of time to see if the tank is leaking. It can also tell the facility operator what is going on inside the tank. For example, it can show fuel level, volume and temperature, water level and volume, high and low fuel level warnings. It can also perform other useful functions such as monitoring the interstitial spaces in tanks and piping, monitoring pressurized piping, or communicating remotely.

It is important for your ATG to be working properly and should be inspected on an annual basis. A poorly functioning ATG system will provide inaccurate data that can be useless in detecting leaks.

Underground Storage Tank owners and operators must keep records for a minimum of one year on leak detection performance and upkeep. They must include the previous year's monitoring results, the most recent tightness test results, performance claims by the leak detection device's manufacturer, and all records of recent maintenance and repair.

For more information on Release Detection  for Underground Storage Tanks, visit the EPA website.