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About Jon Angier, PhD:

Hydrogeologist/Senior Project Manager


Jon Angier, Adams Environmental Engineering Group


Jon Angier, PhD - Hydrogeologist/Senior Project Manager
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Jon is responsible for hydrological/geochemical analyses of projects at multiple locations, with work including designing and overseeing installation of groundwater wells, groundwater and soil sampling, interpreting data, analyzing results, drafting documents, and training field assistants. Daily tasks include writing reports, conducting field site visits, managing system data, communicating with colleagues, subcontractors and clients, and coordinating multiple diverse projects.



  • Doctorate in Hydrology and Groundwater Chemistry
  • OSHA certified in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations
  • OSHA Site Supervisor
  • Steel Tank Institute (STI) Certified SP001 AST Inspector
  • Maryland Erosion and Sediment Control Responsible Person
  • First Aid/CPR Certified and NetDMR Certified